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ScreenBreak (formerly TV Tune Out Week)

ScreenBreak (formerly TV Tune Out Week) offers families the opportunity to try a week without screens. First begun in 1995 as TV Tune Out Week, it has grown to include over 5,000 children and their families each March. While the screens are off, there are wonderful alternative activities available throughout the community, from art activities and story hours to sample classes in a range of activities, from languages to oil painting and baseball, all listed in the ScreenBreak Guide. Families are encouraged to enjoy their own activities at home and ideas of things to do are also listed in the Guide, along with up-to-date information about media literacy. Families make their own rules about screen usage during the week, which range from no screens (“cold turkey”) to limited or reduced use. It’s a wonderful week when families, schools, community organizations, and merchants all take part.